Tuesday, May 31, 2016

The Evolving Thinking Classrom - OCMA Keynote

OCMA Conference Keynote

I had the pleasure of providing the keynote at the Ontario College Math Association conference on Thursday, May 26. It was great day at the Fern Resort in Orillia. We even ended up playing the Game of Frogs with some in attendance standing in for our frogs. Thank you to everyone in attendance.

The title of the talk was "The Evolving Thinking Problem-Solving Classroom". A mouthful and this was an omen of what was to be included in the talk. I tried to provide a perspective on my own journey in teaching math from a problem-based perspective and stuff as much content into 90 minutes as could conceivably could be done. I think the theme for me is comprised in one comment I made near the start - They <<our students>> are inflexible in their thinking because we made them rigid in their learning. I have become more and more convinced that we are at a critical moment in the teaching of math. The confluence of so much we have learned about teaching and the technology we have available will change what the math classroom will look like in the near future. It is great to be a witness and sometime participant in this evolution and revolution.

The keynote also provided me a platform to thank some educators that have added to my professional journey and made the journey richer. Some are mentioned in the slides and I know I missed many more. My apologies. I have been more a learner than teacher in the last few years and that has made all the difference. 

Here are all of the slides from the talk with comments to provide perspective on what is displayed on each slide. Hopefully it provides a bit of a narrative and makes sense.


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